The Hyperlink tab is used to specify the attribute field that contains hyperlink values. Hyperlinks allow you to access files or Web pages by clicking features with the Hyperlink tool. When you click a feature with the Hyperlink tool, the file or Web page specified in the hyperlink attribute field—for example, picture.jpg, data.xls, info.doc—is opened using the application that the file type is currently associated with. To hyperlink to a Web page, make sure the hyperlink attribute begins with http://—for example, http://www.esri.com.


Hyperlink field

Choose the attribute field that contains hyperlink values or specify <None> if the layer does not contain a hyperlink field. The default is <None>.

Default hyperlink path

Type the path to be used as a prefix to the file name in the hyperlink field. You can also tap NO ALT TEXT to choose the path.

The default hyperlink path is only added as a prefix if the hyperlink file name does not already include a path.

The default is blank.