Feature Properties dialog box


By default the Feature Properties dialog box contains the Attributes, Picture, Symbology, and Geography tabs. However, if a custom edit form exists for the particular layer, this form will be displayed as the first tab, or tabs, of the Feature Properties dialog box. The custom form designer may choose to hide any of the default pages. The example above right shows a custom edit form with two custom tabs: Site Details, and Tree Information. The Attributes tab has been hidden by the form designer.


You can create custom forms for shapefile and AXF layers by using ArcPad Studio. These custom forms allow you to display attributes using common form controls—for example, text boxes, combo boxes, and check boxes—and incorporate additional data validation and initialization of attributes.

The first tab of the Feature Properties dialog box is the parent tab. The parent tab will either be the first tab of a custom form or the Attributes tab if no custom form exists. All other tabs of the Feature Properties dialog box are considered child tabs. Each child tab has an Up NO ALT TEXT button located next to the OK and Cancel buttons. Tapping the Up button goes to the parent tab.