The General tab is used to specify options when starting ArcPad.


Start with

Choose the default behaviour when ArcPad starts. When you first install ArcPad, on startup you will see a dialog that prompts you to choose how to start. If at any time you disable this dialog (by checking 'set as default and don't ask again') you can bring back the dialog by choosing Prompt for Option, in this Start with drop down. Other choices that can be set are: New Map, QuickProject, Open Map, Restore last Map.

The default is Prompt for Options.

Default basemap (and add default basemap to new maps)

Choose a default navmap file to use as the default basemap. If you nominate a default basemap, you can additional choose add it to all new maps.

The default is blank.

Configuration File

The configuration file can contain toolbars, forms and system object event handlers, which access the ArcPad object model through scripts.

When ArcPad is opened for the first time, a default ArcPad.apx file is created in My Documents\My ArcPad folder, and contains a default set of toolbars only.

You can customize the toolbars using Toolbar Manager. You can also customize the ArcPad.apx file in ArcPad Studio.

Check SQL engine on startup

When checked, ArcPad will check if the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database engine is present on the device. This database engine is required and used by ArcPad for supporting ArcPad AXF files.

The default is checked.

Enable Today Screen Plug-in

On Windows Mobile devices, the General tab has an additional option for the ArcPad Today screen plug-in.

When checked, the ArcPad Today screen plug-in is activated.

This option is only available if the ArcPad Today Screen plug-in has been installed on the Windows Mobile device. The ArcPad Today plug-in can also be activated or deactivated from Start > Settings > Personal > Today > Items.

The default is unchecked.


The ArcPad Today Screen plug-in allows you to have quick access to useful tools and to monitor vital device status information from the Today screen of your Windows Mobile device. You can start ArcPad from the ArcPad Today Screen plugin, as well as monitor the status of the battery, memory, and device storage. More information on the ArcPad Today Screen plug-in, including how to configure the plug-in, is available in section ArcPad Today Plug-in of the ArcPad User Guide.