Running ArcPad within a skin on desktop PCs

Out of the box, desktop ArcPad is configured to use a button size of 2. Before running ArcPad within a skin, you will need to change ArcPad's button size to 1. To change the button size, open ArcPad on the desktop, click the toolbar Quick Access Menu (small drop down arrow on the right hand side of the default toolbars), select Toolbar Settings and on the Toolbar tab, change Button Size to 1. Then click OK. You will be prompted that some preferences have changed that require a restart. Close ArcPad and you are ready to follow the steps below to run ArcPad in a skin.

  1. Copy and paste the bitmap file and skin definition file of your choice to the same location as the ArcPad application file, arcpad.exe. In the following examples we have chosen the Archer.skn.
  2. Click Start on the Windows task bar.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Type the pathname for the location of ArcPad followed by /skin=“name of skin” (for example, “C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcPad10.0\arcpad.exe” /skin="C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcPad10.0\archer.skn"). A space must be included between \arcpad.exe" and the /skn=skin name for the string to be applied successfully.


  5. Click OK
  6. ArcPad will open within the confines of the skin.