Windows Mobile resources

There are extensive resources available for learning more about Windows Mobile hardware, software, and accessories. These resources include Internet sites, print publications, and books. The following list of resources is not intended to be exhaustive or to imply endorsement by ESRI but instead is intended to be a starting point for learning more about Windows Mobile.

News and information resources

There are numerous news and information Web sites that cover Windows Mobile. The following are some of the more popular sites:

Microsoft Corporation

This is the definitive web site for Windows Mobile. The Web site includes Windows Mobile news, how-to instructions, help, downloads, and discussion forums. It also includes a list of Windows Mobile devices currently available in different regions of the world. Other Microsoft sites of interest include:

Windows Phone Thoughts

Windows Phone Thoughts is focused on providing the best Windows Mobile-related news, views, rants and raves on the topic.

Software resources

There are a number of sites that have Windows Mobile software available for download, including shareware and freeware software. Here are some of the popular download sites: