Rangefinder Preferences

The Rangefinder tab on the Rangefinder Preferences dialog box is used to specify the protocol, communication, and other settings of your rangefinder.



Choose the protocol of your rangefinder’s output: Leica DISTO, Leica Locator/Vector, Laser Atlanta Advantage, LaserCraft Contour, LaserTech Impulse, or MDL LaserAce.

The default is blank.


Choose the COM port that your rangefinder is connected to on your device.

The default is COM1.


Choose the baud rate of your rangefinder’s output.

The default is 4800.

Advanced Serial Port Parameters

Tap NO ALT TEXT to open the Advanced Serial Port Parameters dialog box to specify additional communication settings for the serial port used to connect your rangefinder. For most rangefinders, it should not be necessary to specify these additional serial communication settings.

The advanced serial port parameters are described earlier in this section.

Automatically Activate

When checked, the rangefinder is automatically activated whenever an existing ArcPad map file (.apm) with a defined projection is opened.

The default is unchecked.

Feature Capture Button

Choose the Feature Capture button on the rangefinder, which notifies ArcPad to capture a vertex or point: None, Any, or Button 0 to Button 15.

Most rangefinders have more than one trigger button. The trigger button is sent by the rangefinder together with the measurement data. Choosing a specific Feature Capture button allows custom applets to respond to other buttons and prevents ArcPad from conflicting with these applets.

The default is Any.