Attributes (shapefile features)

The Attributes tab is used to display and edit the attributes and associated values of the selected feature. When accessed via the Identify tool, all values are read-only. When accessed via the Feature Properties tool—or by double-tapping a feature with the Select tool—all values are read/write. An attribute that is used to define the symbology of the layer is displayed in red.

The Attributes tab for shapefile features has two columns: Property and Value.



Tap any property name to edit its associated value (if the values are read/write).


Tap any value and tap it again to edit the value (if the values are read/write).

Validation of the data is limited to adherence to the definition of the field or property. For example, ArcPad does not allow text characters to be entered into a field that has been defined as numeric. Additional validation can be performed via custom forms and, in some cases, scripts.