Customizing ArcPad

ArcPad Studio is a desktop development environment for building custom ArcPad applications for mobile GIS projects. Creating a customized field solution for data collection and data maintenance is essential to ensure the integrity and value of your GIS data. The ability to accurately capture attribute and spatial data directly in the field improves efficiency and reduces time spent correcting or re-entering the data into the main GIS database back in the office.

With ArcPad Studio, you can:

All customization for ArcPad is performed on the desktop and deployed on the mobile device. ArcPad Studio is installed when you install ArcPad to a PC, along with detailed documentation and sample code.

For more information about customizing ArcPad and ArcPad Studio, the section called Customizing ArcPad in this guide, or the Customizing ArcPad help file installed to your PC (Start>All Programs>ArcGIS>ArcPad 10>Developer Help).