Using the Favorites toolbar in ArcPad

The Favorites tab is used to select tools to appear on a Favorites toolbar.

Favorites tab

Tap the check box adjacent to each tool that you would like to place on the Favorites toolbar. For any changes to take effect, you must restart ArcPad. To remove the Favorites toolbar, you must uncheck all tools in this dialog box (and restart ArcPad.)

All ArcPad tools can be added to a toolbar

All of the ArcPad tools are available to add to a Favorites or custom toolbar. In ArcPad 10, a number of less-used tools have been removed from the default toolbars, but they have not been removed from the product. You can add these tools to either your Favorites toolbar or a custom toolbar. To add to your Favorites toolbar, Tap the check box adjacent to each tool in the Favorites options dialog box (see above screen capture). To add to the standard toolbars, follow the Steps to modify the standard toolbars.

Tools that are not on the standard toolbars that are still available to add to a Favorites or custom toolbar include:

Pack Shapefile

Packs a shapefile by removing records flagged for deletion.

Reproject Shapefile

Reprojects a shapefile to another projection and/or datum.

Export Projection Information

Exports ArcPad projection information into CSV and text files.

Run Script

Opens the Script dialog box, which can be used for testing scripts.

Repeat Attributes

Activates copying of attributes from the previous feature to the new feature.

Launch ArcLogistics Navigator

Launches ArcLogistics Navigator directly from ArcPad. If any stops have been created in ArcPad (using the StreetMap tools), these stops will be also listed in ArcLogistics navigator as stops.