Overview of Running ArcPad within a skin

Running ArcPad within a skin allows you to view the software on your desktop PC within a picture or skin of a Windows Mobile device.The purpose of the skin is for demonstrating ArcPad on a desktop PC while giving the audience an indication of what ArcPad looks like on a mobile device.

ArcPad skins consist of a standard Windows bitmap file (.bmp), 8- or 24-bit format, and a corresponding skin definition file (.skn). Both filenames must have the same prefix, for example, IPAQ.bmp and IPAQ.skn.

Refer to the section Creating a skin definition file to learn how to create your own skin definition file.


Including quotation marks in ArcPad pathname: When running a skin from the Run Command, use quotation marks around the location of the ArcPad application file, for example,“C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcPad10.0\arcpad.exe”