Attributes (AXF features)

The Attributes tab is used to display and edit the attributes and associated values of the selected feature. When accessed via the Identify tool, all values are read-only. When accessed via the Feature Properties tool—or by double-tapping a feature with the Select tool—all values are read/write. An attribute that is used to define the symbology of the layer is displayed in red.

The Attributes tab for ArcPad AXF features has two columns: Property and Value.

ArcPad AXF files support viewing and editing of related tables. The Attributes tab for ArcPad AXF features will also include a row for each relationship (or related table) that has been defined for the ArcPad AXF feature layer. The related table row lists the name of the relationship, the number of records (or entries) in the related table, and a Down NO ALT TEXT button to easily nagivate to the Attributes tab for the related table. Two Down button arrows indicate that the relationship is two levels down; for example LightInspections is related to Lights, which is related to Poles.


Tap any property name to edit its associated value (if the values are read/write).


Tap any value and then tap it again to edit the value (if the values are read/write).

The Value field for ArcPad AXF layers may include built-in form controls—such as combo boxes (or pick lists)—if subtypes or coded value domains have been defined for the source geodatabase from which the ArcPad AXF layer was extracted.

Validation of the data takes place at two levels:

  1. Data is validated according to the definition of the field or property. For example, ArcPad does not allow text characters to be entered into a field that has been defined as numeric.
  2. Data is validated according to the database schema that has been defined for the ArcPad AXF file. For example, a property may be associated with a subtype or coded value domain that limits the valid values to a predefined list of valid values, which is presented as a drop-down list of values to choose from. Or, a property may be associated with a range domain that, for example, limits the valid values from 1 to 100.


Domains are defined as part of the ArcPad AXF database schema. The schema can be defined for the geodatabase in ArcCatalogTM (ArcGIS Desktop). The ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS Desktop reads the geodatabase schema and creates the corresponding schema for the output ArcPad AXF file. ArcPad Studio can also be used to view and edit the schema for ArcPad AXF files.