Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AGSAddressCandidateRepresents an address and its location
AGSAreasAndLengthsParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's areasAndLengthsWithParameters: operation
AGSAttachmentInfoInformation about an attachment
AGSBingMapLayerA layer based on Bing Maps
AGSBufferParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's bufferWithParameters: operation
AGSCalloutA callout window
<AGSCalloutDelegate>A delegate of AGSCallout
AGSCalloutTemplateA token-based AGSInfoTemplate
AGSClassBreakA class break for the AGSClassBreaksRenderer
AGSClassBreaksRendererA renderer based on class breaks
AGSCodedValueRepresents coded values of AGSCodedValueDomain
AGSCodedValueDomainRepresents a coded-value domain
<AGSCoding>A protocol to convert objects to and from JSON
AGSCompositeSymbolA composite symbol composed of multiple symbols
AGSCredentialRepresents an credential to access a secured resource
AGSDensifyParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's densifyWithParameters: operation
AGSDistanceParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's distanceWithParameters: operation
AGSDomainAn attribute domain
AGSDynamicLayerA base class for dynamic layers
<AGSDynamicLayerDrawingOperation>A protocol that drawing operations must implement for exporting a map image
AGSDynamicLayerImageRequestOperationAn operation to retrieve a dynamic layer image
AGSDynamicLayerViewA view to display maps from a dynamic map service
AGSDynamicMapServiceLayerA layer based on a dynamic ArcGIS Server map service
AGSEditResultAn edit result
AGSEditResultErrorAn edit error
AGSEnvelopeAn envelope object
AGSExportImageParamsA class that encapsulates the parameters passed to an export image method
<AGSExportMapImageDelegate>An exportDelegate of AGSDynamicLayer
AGSFeatureLayerA layer based on an ArcGIS Server map/feature service layer
AGSFeatureLayerAttachmentResultsResults of attachment edit operations
<AGSFeatureLayerEditingDelegate>An editing delegate of AGSFeatureLayer
AGSFeatureLayerEditResultsResults of feature edit operations
<AGSFeatureLayerQueryDelegate>A delegate of AGSFeatureLayer
AGSFeatureSetA set of features
AGSFeatureTemplateRepresents all of the information needed to create a feature
AGSFeatureTypeEncapsulates properties of types of features in a feature layer
AGSFieldAn object that represents information about a layer
AGSFindParametersParameters for an AGSFindTask operation
AGSFindResultA result of AGSFindTask operation
AGSFindTaskA task to perform simple, textual searches
<AGSFindTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSFindTask
AGSGeneralizeParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's generalizeWithParameters: operation
AGSGeometryBase class for all geometry objects
AGSGeometryRelationshipObject returned by AGSGeometryServiceTask's relationWithParameters: operation
AGSGeometryServiceTaskA task to perform geometric operations
<AGSGeometryServiceTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSGeometryServiceTask
AGSGeoprocessorAn object to invoke geoprocessing tasks
<AGSGeoprocessorDelegate>A delegate of AGSGeoprocessor
AGSGPJobInfoAn object containing information about an asynchronous GP task
AGSGPLinearUnitA data object containing a linear distance
AGSGPMessageA message generated by a geoprocessing task
AGSGPParameterValueAn input/ouptut parameter of a geoprocessing task
AGSGPRasterDataA data object containing a raster data source
AGSGPResultLayerA dynamic layer returned from a gp task
AGSGPSControls how the map responds to GPS input
<AGSGPSInfoTemplateDelegate>A template describing the contents of AGSCallout for gps location
AGSGraphicA graphic on the map
AGSGraphicsLayerA layer to display graphics on the map
AGSIdentifyParametersParameters for a AGSIdentifyTask operation
AGSIdentifyResultA result of AGSIdentifyTask operation
AGSIdentifyTaskA task to perform identify operations
<AGSIdentifyTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSIdentifyTask
AGSImageParametersThe parameters to be used when exporting a map image
AGSImageRequestOperationAn operation to request an image from a resource
AGSImageServiceInfoInformation about an ArcGIS Server image service
AGSImageServiceLayerA layer based on an ArcGIS Server image service
<AGSInfoTemplateDelegate>A template describing the contents of AGSCallout for a graphic
AGSJSONRequestOperationRepresents an object to retrieve JSON formatted data from an ArcGIS resource
AGSLayerA base class for all layers
AGSLayerDefinitionRepresents a layer definition
<AGSLayerDelegate>A delegate of AGSLayer
<AGSLayerView>A protocol to display layers on a map
AGSLengthsParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's lengthsWithParameters: operation
AGSLocatorA locator to geocode and reverse-geocode addresses
<AGSLocatorDelegate>A delegate of AGSLocator
AGSLODA scale level of a cached map service
AGSMagnifierViewDisplay's a zoomed-in section of the map in a magnifying glass
AGSMapServiceInfoInformation about an ArcGIS Server map service
AGSMapServiceLayerInfoInformation about a layer in an ArcGIS Server map service
AGSMapViewA View component to display maps
<AGSMapViewDelegate>A delegate of AGSMapView
AGSMarkerSymbolA base class for marker symbols
AGSMultipointA multipoint object
AGSMutableEnvelopeA mutable envelope object
AGSMutableMultipointA mutable multipoint object
AGSMutablePointA mutable point object
AGSMutablePolygonA mutable polygon object
AGSMutablePolylineA mutable polyline object
AGSOffsetParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's offsetWithParameters: operation
AGSOpenStreetMapLayerA layer based on OpenStreetMap
AGSPictureMarkerSymbolA marker symbol based on an image
AGSPointA point object
AGSPolygonA polygon object
AGSPolylineA polyline object
AGSQueryParameters for a AGSQueryTask operation
AGSQueryTaskA task to perform structured queries
<AGSQueryTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSQueryTask
AGSRangeDomainAn object representing a range domain
AGSRelationParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's relationWithParameters: operation
AGSRelationshipAn object representing the relationship between two layers/tables
AGSRelationshipQueryParameters for a AGSQueryTask operation to query related records
AGSRendererA base class for renderers
AGSRequestWrapper class request for synchronous requests to URLs
AGSRequestOperationBase class for operations that perform http requests
<AGSSecuredResource>A protocol to aid in handling of secured resources
AGSSimpleFillSymbolA fill symbol based on simple patterns
AGSSimpleLineSymbolA line symbol based on simple patterns
AGSSimpleMarkerSymbolA marker symbol based on simple shapes
AGSSimpleRendererA simple renderer
AGSSpatialReferenceA spatial reference object
AGSSymbolA symbol used to display a graphic
AGSTaskBase class for all ArcGIS task objects
AGSTileAn object representing a single cached tile of a cached map
AGSTiledLayerA base class for tiled layers
<AGSTiledLayerTileDelegate>A tileDelegate of AGSTiledLayer
AGSTiledLayerViewA view to display maps from a cached map service
AGSTiledMapServiceLayerA layer based on a cached ArcGIS Server map service
AGSTileInfoThe tiling scheme of an AGSTiledLayer
<AGSTileOperation>A protocol that must be adopted by operations that retrieve tiles
AGSTileRequestOperationRequests a tile from a cached map resource
AGSTimeExtentAn interface to hold a given time interval
AGSTimeInfoTime information details
AGSTimeReferenceContains information about how the time was measured
AGSTrimExtendParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's trimExtendWithParameters: operation
AGSUniqueValueAn object representing value objects that are used in unique value renderers
AGSUniqueValueRendererA renderer based on unique values
Base64Utility to help encode/decode strings in base 64
JSONUtilityUtility interface for dealing with JSON
NSError(AGSAdditions)Provides helper method to determine if an error is an authentication error
UIApplication(AGSAdditions)Helper category to show/hide the network activity indicator
UIColor(AGSAdditions)Category to initialize a UIColor with JSON
UIDevice(AGSAdditions)A category to assist with device specific properties