An overview of the Nautical toolbox

The Nautical toolbox contains tools that allow you to work with different aspects of nautical data. The tools are divided into two distinct toolsets that include tools for cartographic production as well as the management of depth areas in S-57 data.




The Nautical toolbox's Cartography toolset provides tools that can be used to finish a nautical chart for final production. The Align Representation Markers and Generate Light Sectors tools are designed for the nautical community. Tools from the ArcGIS Cartography toolbox and Production Mapping toolbox have been added to facilitate production of nautical charts.


The S-57 toolset contains a tool that prepares data for conversion to the S-57 International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Transfer Standard. The S-57 IHO standard defines exchange rules for electronic navigational charts and other nautical products.

Toolsets in the Nautical toolbox