An overview of the Change Detection toolset

This toolset contains tools that allow you to track changes to aeronautical data that affect charts that use the Aeronautical Information System (AIS) data model.

Tool name


Add Reviewer Fields

Adds the Mapid_Txt, GFID, and Source GFID_ID fields to the Reviewer table. These three fields are populated when the Detect Layout Changes tool is run.

Change Reporter

Finds changes made to individual feature classes or an entire geodatabase between specified dates. The changes that can be found include feature additions, modifications, and deletions.

Detect Layout Changes

Identifies chart elements that may need updates due to changes to the underlying data that those elements reference. It is used in combination with the Change Reporter tool to give you a clear picture in defining charts that may need maintenance as a result of edits that have occurred to the production database.

Tools in the Change Detection toolset

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