An overview of the Data Editing toolset

This toolset contains tools that perform Aeronautical-related data edits. The tools update x,y coordinate attributes and feature geometries.

Tool name


Aeronautical Derived Geometry

The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) Importer will create a null geometry for an airspace feature if AIXM messages contain instructions to generate derived airspace geometries. This tool updates the null geometry with a polygon derived from other airspace features.

Dynamic Update XY

Updates geometry or specified X, Y coordinate attributes for point feature classes. This enables you to synchronize geometry and coordinate attribute edits made on point features. If you create a point feature class from X, Y coordinates then move a point, the original X, Y attributes do not update with this change. In reverse, if you edit attribute coordinates the associated feature point does not move. The attribute coordinates in the attribute table may not always be synchronized with the feature geometry. This tool automatically updates and synchronizes your existing features.

Tools in the Data Editing toolset

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