000401 : No features were found for processing


No input features were found, which can result in an empty result. This warning commonly occurs when the Extent or XYDomain environment settings have been previously set for a specific geographic area and the values were inadvertently used when running another tool. The Extent environment is used to limit the input features used, so an inappropriately set environment could exclude all features. Another possible cause is a layer with a selection set containing no selected features. Tools honor layer selections as their input. A query returning zero features is valid but will result in no features in the layer being used by a tool.


If this is an unexpected message, check the Extent and XYDomain environment settings to ensure they are appropriate for the data and the tool being used. If they are not, reset them by emptying their values or set them to suitable values. If the input is a layer, make sure the definition or selection query used on the layer is correct. If it is not, clear the layer's selection set and run the tool again.