000539 : Error message from Python.


The calculation used by the Calculate Field or Calculate Value tool is invalid. This error message provided will list the specific Python error.


This error code covers a number of Python errors:

  • Example error 1: exceptions.TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects.

The above is a Python-specific error. The calculation is attempting to add or concatenate a string and a number.

  • Example error 2: Invalid property distance. Valid properties: type, extent, centroid, label, firstpoint, lastpoint, area, length, ismultipart, partcount

The above is an error using the geometry object. The distance method is not a valid method of the geometry object.

For specific Python issues, consult the Python help for more information, normally listed under c:\Python24\Doc, or consult the Calculate Field or Calculate Value help for more information on these tools.