10028: Annotation layer's feature class does not have a symbol stored in a symbol collection

You are using a geodatabase annotation feature class that does not reference a symbol collection. This can potentially affect drawing performance because each text symbol must be individually generated.


More information

Annotation feature classes are used to store map labels and their geographic locations. Each annotation text feature has the following:

A key aspect of annotation is how the text symbol properties can be associated with each annotation feature. Using a symbol collection can help to optimize map performance because the symbol is referenced once and can be reused for many annotation features.

Here are some other considerations for working with map text:

See Annotation in the geodatabase for more information about working with annotation.

If your application warrants the use of your annotation as it is currently designed, you can choose to mark this warning as an exception to avoid receiving the warning next time you analyze the map. Beware that the resulting map will draw more slowly.