10030: Layer's data source is ArcSDE not accessed via a direct connection

Your map layer references an ArcSDE geodatabase that is configured using an ArcSDE application server on a separate DBMS server machine. Performance and scalability of optimized map services are typically much better when you use an alternative ArcSDE configuration that is known as ArcSDE direct connect.


More information

There are two methods of configuring ArcSDE:

With a direct connection, also known as a two-tiered architecture, ArcGIS client machines are configured to communicate directly with the DBMS. Since the client gets the data directly from the database, most of the data processing takes place on the client machine. This also helps boost the performance of optimized map services.

Configuring ArcSDE direct connect is best managed by your database administrator.

Also note that if your application warrants the use of an ArcSDE application server configuration, you can choose to mark this warning as an exception to avoid receiving the warning next time you analyze the map. Beware that the resulting map will draw more slowly.