10014: Layer's draw time may be affected by slow join access times

You are using a join field in a map layer that may affect the drawing performance of your map.


First, check the drawing performance of your basemap layer in ArcMap or your map service in the Preview window. See Working with basemap layers or Publishing map services for more information. If you need to make changes, here are some suggestions:

More information

Most database design guidelines promote organizing your database into multiple tables—each focused on a specific set of columns—instead of one large table containing all the necessary fields. Having multiple tables prevents duplicating information in the database because you store the information only once in one table. When you need information that isn't in the current table, you can link the two tables together. For a more detailed overview, see About joining and relating tables.

Joining tables to a feature class is typically done to append the fields of the table to those of the feature class table through an attribute or field common to both tables. This provides efficient storage but can have performance implications.


Here are some tips that can help you gain incremental performance improvements in dynamic map display.