20007: Layer contains a multilayer line symbol whose symbol widths may result in aliasing

Your map layer contains a multilayer line symbol whose widths may result in aliasing. This is due to the fact that you have defined a line width that is less than one pixel in width. The resulting map display (using aliasing) in an optimized map service will differ slightly from your ArcMap display.


More information

The optimized map service utilizes a new graphics engine that is capable of rendering line features using the true noninteger coordinates of your vector data. In a standard map service or ArcMap display, the coordinates are rounded to the nearest integer, resulting in some imprecision.

However, because the symbology in ArcMap was designed for best appearance using the ArcMap display engine, certain types of symbology may exhibit different behavior in an optimized map service. See Drawing differences between the ArcGIS drawing engines for more information on this topic.

For most users, the Automatically Correct Line Widths option will result in rendering equivalent to ArcMap by rounding the line widths in the same way that the ArcMap display pipeline does.