10012: Layer uses dynamic panchromatic sharpening

You have a raster map layer with pan sharpening being performed at draw time. Raster layers that have already been pan sharpened and saved as a dataset will result in better drawing performance than deriving pan sharpening on the fly.


Check the drawing performance of your basemap layer in ArcMap or your map service in the Preview window. See Working with basemap layers or Publishing map services for more information.

More information

ArcGIS provides a series of tools for improving the display of imagery, including pan sharpening. Panchromatic sharpening fuses a higher-resolution panchromatic image (or raster band) with a lower-resolution multiband raster dataset. This produces a multiband raster dataset with the resolution of the panchromatic raster where the two rasters fully overlap.

You can use either of the following two approaches to apply this pan sharpening: