Creating a 3D document

You create a 3D document by starting either ArcGlobe or ArcScene then adding data into it. You can add surface data, image data, 2D or 3D feature classes, and layer (.lyr) files or copy and paste layers between ArcGIS applications.

Once you've added data to a 3D view, you can change how the layers are rendered by modifying their layer properties. The 3D properties that you can set for a layer, such as those found on the Elevation (ArcGlobe) and Base Heights (ArcScene) tabs, do not apply in ArcMap. Similarly, some symbology that you can set in ArcMap, such as multilayer symbols, will not show up in 3D. Features in 3D can be symbolized with simple 2D symbols or by using three-dimensional models.

You can also change properties that affect the whole 3D view, including background display options, illumination, and vertical exaggeration for 3D documents.

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