How Customer Profiling works

The Customer Profiling tool is used to set up a definition query (in this case, a DMQ file) to search for geographic areas that meet a set of criteria. In other words, you can profile the composition of your customer data to determine what demographic variables best represent your customer base. In most cases, this criteria is based on an existing customer layer.

The Customer Profiling tool lets you set up an output file that will be used as an input file for the Customer Prospecting by Demographic Data (Business Analyst) tool.

The geography level determines the feature class that will be used to profile your customers. Each customer feature point is spatially matched to a single geographic feature in the geography layer, and that feature's attributes are queried to meet the requirements set in the Fields to Profile dialog box. These results are compiled for each customer and stored in the Output DMQ file.

Filing options allow you to define the upper and lower ranges of values to be profiled in the geography level layer.