How Match Level Summary Report (Business Analyst) works

The Match Level Summary Report provides information about how successfully an address file is matched. This report assigns customer records to one of the following four match levels:

The most accurate match level is the Street Address, or ZIP+4, match level. If a record cannot be matched at the Street Address or ZIP+4 level, a census tract code is assigned with a ZIP Code-to-Census Tract correspondence. This means that the census tract with the largest population in the ZIP Code is appended to the customer record. This match is described as the Dominant Tract in ZIP Code match level. If the ZIP Code contains only one census tract, the match level is One Tract in ZIP Code. If an address received a No Geocode designation, no match was possible below the county geographic level. Post office boxes, rural routes, rural drops, or incomplete addresses can prevent a match.

On the Match Level Summary Report, the Number column shows the number of records in each category and the total number of records in your customer output file. The Percent column shows the percentage of customer records for each match level category. This report illustrates your customer records in each match level category.