How Create Target Group (Business Analyst) works

The Customer Tapestry Profile Report should be used to help you identify your target segments. A Tapestry Profile report contains index and percentage of customers for each segment. These two factors, in different combinations, should be used to define your target groups.

Segments with a high percentage of customers are indicators of segments that like your product, service, or store. Core target groups are segments that not only make up a large percentage of your customer base but also have an above-average index. Customers in this group make up a larger percentage of your customer base than the percentage they make up of the market area. These segments represent loyalty and good opportunity.

The Create Target Group tool allows you to create collections of these core segments and store them in a target group. Once the target groups are created, you can use them in conjunction with the Segmentation Penetration Map tool. These maps allow you to thematically map standard levels of geography in a study area by the percentage of penetration of a collection of segments.

These penetration maps illustrate areas of concentration of your core segments. You can use these maps to better direct marketing efforts in a given market and to estimate market potential.