Exporting a raster catalog

Exporting a raster catalog allows you to copy records to a new output. There are a few options available when exporting a raster catalog:

The first two options are performed using the Data Export dialog box in ArcMap; the steps are described below.

The third option can be performed by either the Mosaic Raster Catalog dialog box in ArcMap or the Raster Catalog To Raster Dataset tool. To see these steps, see Exporting a raster catalog to a raster dataset.

  1. Optionally, select the records from the raster catalog you want to export using the Select Features tool Select Features, an option on the Selection menu or from the attribute table.
  2. In the ArcMap table of contents, right-click the raster catalog, point to Data, then click Export Data.
  3. For the Export drop-down arrow, choose which raster catalog items you want to export from the source raster catalog.
    • All Rasters will export all the records from the raster catalog.
    • Selected Rasters will only export the records that were selected or highlighted.
    • All Rasters In View Extent will only export the records that are in the current display extent.
  4. Choose the coordinate system you want to use in the exported raster catalog.
  5. Click the Output raster catalog browse button Open to navigate to the proper geodatabase to save the exported raster catalog.
  6. Type the name of the output raster catalog and click Save.
  7. Click OK to export the raster catalog.

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