Color matching a raster catalog

You can color match up to 200 images by default; this default can be changed on the Raster Options dialog box. Color Matching will be unavailable if there are more images than the default limit.

Color matching can only take place if the following are true about your data:

Color matching cannot be performed if there is not enough overlap between the reference raster and the source rasters.

If there is not enough correlation between the reference raster and the source rasters, the linear correlation method is not possible. Another matching method can be chosen.

  1. Optionally, choose the reference raster using the Select Features tool Select Features.
  2. Right-click the raster catalog in the table of contents and click Properties.
  3. Click the Color Correction tab.
  4. Optionally, check Pre-stretch to stretch each raster catalog item before any color correction is performed.

    When pre-stretching, each original raster dataset has its statistics altered before the correction takes place.

  5. Check Color Matching.
  6. Click the Matching Method arrow and choose a method.
  7. Click the Compute From All button to allow the application to automatically calculate the reference raster. Click the Define From Selection button to use the reference raster you have selected.

    When using Compute From All, the system automatically chooses the reference raster dataset; it tends to be the dataset that has the most overlapped areas. Although this default normally produces good results, you should verify that the results are suitable.

  8. Click OK.
Display the entire raster catalog without the wireframe to see the results.

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