Using the Pan-sharpen button on the Image Analysis window

The Pan-sharpen button uses a higher-resolution panchromatic raster layer to fuse with a lower-resolution multiband raster layer. The result produces a multiband raster layer with the resolution of the panchromatic raster where the two raster layers fully overlap.

  1. In ArcMap, to view the Image Analysis window, click Windows on the Main menu, then click Image Analysis.
  2. Set the pan-sharpening type and weights.
    1. Click the Options button Image Analysis Options on the Image Analysis window.
    2. Click the Pan-sharpening tab.
    3. Click the Pan-sharpening Type drop-down list and choose the desired color transformation.
    4. Optionally, type a weight value for each of the red, green, blue, and infrared bands.

      These values should add up to 1.

    5. Click OK.
  3. Click a multispectral raster layer in the Image Analysis window.
  4. Hold the CTRL key and click a panchromatic raster layer in the Image Analysis window
  5. Click the Pan-sharpen button Pan-sharpening.

    The pan-sharpened image is added to the display as a temporary raster layer. If you wish to save this image, you can select it in the Image Analysis window and click the Export button Export within the window.

    This operation adds the Pan-sharpening function to the temporary layer.

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