Orthorectifying a raster dataset using the Orthorectify button

The Orthorectify button creates a temporary raster layer by applying the Geometric function to the layer.

  1. To view the Image Analysis window, click Windows on the main menu and click Image Analysis Window Image Analysis.
  2. Click on the raster layer to be orthorectified in the Image Analysis window.
  3. Press the CTRL key and click an elevation dataset raster layer in the Image Analysis window.

    If the raster dataset has RPCs, the Orthorectify button Orthorectify is active.

  4. Click the Orthorectify button Orthorectify.

    The orthorectified image is added to display a temporary raster layer. The Geometric function is added to this layer.

    If you want to save this image, you can select it in the Image Analysis window and click the Export button Export within the window.

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