Deleting the persisted transformation from a raster dataset

There are two ways to delete the persisted transformation from your file-based raster dataset:


You can only delete the persisted transformation for a file-based raster dataset, not a geodatabase raster dataset.


To delete or edit the persisted transformation, you work outside ArcGIS.

If you delete the .aux.xml file, you will lose all the information stored within it, including the transformation, statistics, and histogram information. Therefore, it may be more advantageous to edit the .aux.xml file to remove the transformation information. To do this, open the .aux.xml file with any XML editor or text editor, remove the content between the <GeodataXform> tag, then save the file.

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the location of the raster dataset.

    If the directory the raster dataset is in is read-only, the .aux.xml file is written to the proxy location.

    Learn about raster proxy files and their location

  2. Click the file that matches the raster dataset name ending in .aux.xml. or the associated world file.

    For example, if the raster is myraster.img, the file you need to select is myraster.img.aux.xml.

  3. Press the DELETE key.

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