Loading custom statistics for display

Statistics may be located within another raster dataset or an XML file. Either can be used and applied to a raster dataset.

The XML file contains the following structure:

A <Band> element and it's sub elements can be repeated for bands 2 and 3 if the XML file is written for an three-band (RGB) display. The example above can be used for a single-band (grayscale) display.

  1. In the table of contents, right-click the raster layer and click Properties.
  2. Click the Symbology tab.
  3. Click either the Stretched or RGB Composite renderer.
  4. Click the Statistics drop-down arrow and click From Custom Settings.
  5. If the statistics are located in a raster dataset, click Import; if the statistics are located in an XML file, click Load XML.
  6. Navigate to the statistics file and click either Add or Open.
  7. Click OK to render the raster dataset with the loaded statistics.

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