Changing the raster catalog renderer to a non-default renderer

If a default renderer is not available for a raster dataset in a raster catalog, you can add it to the Available renderers list.

  1. Right-click the raster catalog layer in ArcMap and click Properties.
  2. Click the Symbology tab.
  3. Click the Add button below the Available list.

    The Add Renderer dialog box appears.

  4. Click the renderer you want to use, such as Unique Values, and click Add.
  5. Click Dismiss to close the dialog box.
  6. Click any remaining renderers and click the Remove button until only the renderer you want remains in the list.
  7. When using the Unique Values or Classified renderers, click Load Values to calculate all the values.

    The Calculate dialog box appears.

  8. Click Calculate. Once completed, click Add and click Close.

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