Setting the pyramid options for the geoprocessing environment

  1. Click Geoprocessing on the Main menu of the application you are using and click Environments.
  2. Click Raster Storage Settings.
  3. The Build pyramids check box is checked by default. If you previously unchecked it, check it.
  4. Click the Pyramid resampling technique drop-down arrow and click the resampling technique you want to use to resample the data to build the pyramid layers.
  5. Click the Pyramid compression type drop-down arrow and click the compression algorithm to use when building your pyramid overview file.

    Pyramid compression is only available when a pyramid .ovr file is being created. Compression cannot be set when a reduced-resolution dataset (.rrd) file is being created. The default pyramid compression uses the optimal compression type, given the type of data. If the pyramid overview can be compressed using the JPEG compression method, then that will be chosen. If the pyramid overview cannot be compressed using the JPEG method, then LZ77 will be used. You can manually choose to have LZ77, JPEG, or no compression. JPEG compression can only be used with file formats that can store data according to the JPEG specifications.

  6. Click OK to close the Environment Settings dialog box, and click OK to close the Options dialog box.

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