Introduction to the cartographic representations tutorial

Introducing the cartographic representations tutorial

The cartographic representations tutorial introduces you to feature class representations that allow you to symbolize geographic features with a set of rules that are stored with your data in the geodatabase. Representation rules can create and draw dynamic geometry that differs from the feature shape, allowing a complex depiction of features without impacting the spatial integrity of your data. Representations provide greater control over the precision and definition of the symbolization of your data.

The complete tutorial consists of the following exercises. It will take you approximately two hours to complete.

  1. Learning the fundamentals of representations
  2. Interacting with representation properties
  3. Performing edits with representations
  4. Working with free representations
  5. Using geoprocessing tools for representations

Tutorial data

The data for the Cartographic Representations tutorial is located in the <install drive>:\ArcGIS\ArcTutor\Representations folder when you install the ArcGIS Tutorial Data.

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