Tips for formatting feature classes for data migration using the Import Fabric Data wizard

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The starting point for formatting data for migration using the Import Fabric Data wizard is a dataset of parcel lines. If you are starting with polygons, you can convert your polygons to lines using the Polygon To Line geoprocessing tool.

Parcel lines define the parcel polygon, and the endpoints of the lines define the parcel corner points. Parcel lines also define the arc-node topology, as each line accounts for its left and right polygon and its from- and to-points.

Parcel line feature class

Source parcel lines should be individual line segments that connect to form the parcel polygon. Source parcel lines should not be polylines or multipart features. The following tools and utilities can be used to format and clean source parcel lines before polygons and points are generated:

The Fabric Source Builder Script on ArcScripts will convert polygons to lines and format lines accordingly. The script will also generate the new source polygons and points and populate the arc-node topology and COGO attributes.