Adding OLE DB connections

Microsoft OLE DB providers are used in ArcCatalog to connect to Microsoft Access and other tabular data sources. OLE DB connections are used as an alternative to ArcGIS query layers to access tabular data sources that do not support a SQL interface (which is required for query layers).

You can create and manage OLE DB connections from the Database Connections node in the Catalog tree.

Adding an OLE DB connection

Data accessed through an OLE DB database connection is read-only in ArcGIS.

  1. Expand Database Connections in the Catalog tree.
  2. Double-click Add OLE DB Connection. The Data Link Properties dialog box appears in which you can create an OLE DB connection.
    Creating an OLE DB connection
  3. Click the OLE DB provider you want to use to access data.
  4. Click Next or click the Connection tab.
  5. Provide the required connection information. The Connection tab is different for each provider. Most require that you identify the database to which you want to connect along with your user name and password.
  6. Click Test Connection to validate that you have entered connection information correctly.
  7. Click OK once your test is successful.
  8. Name your OLE DB connection.

    Any table data sources in the connection format you added are displayed in the OLE DB connection node. You can expand this new OLE DB node to view and work with its table contents.