What is ArcCatalog?

The ArcCatalog application provides a catalog window that is used to organize and manage various types of geographic information for ArcGIS Desktop. The kinds of information that can be organized and managed in ArcCatalog includes:

ArcCatalog organizes these contents into a tree view that you can work with to organize your GIS datasets and ArcGIS documents, search and find information items, and to manage them.

ArcCatalog presents this information in a tree view and allows you to select a GIS item, view its properties, and to access tools to operate on the selected item(s).

The ArcCatalog application

ArcCatalog is used to:


As an alternative to using ArcCatalog, you can open and work with theCatalog Window within ArcMap, ArcGlobe, and ArcScene in which all the same functions and tasks can be performed.