Adding data from ArcGIS online

ArcGIS online contains galleries of many online GIS data sources that you can connect to and use in ArcMap. This topic describes how to add online data from ArcGIS online.

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  1. Click the Add Data arrow Add Data and click Add data from ArcGIS Online. The ArcGIS online window appears. You can search, read about, and use various online data sources at ArcGIS online.
    Adding online data from ArcGIS online
  2. Click Sign In. As an ArcGIS user, you can use your global login to view your content and other group content whose access may be restricted for selected users.
  3. Search for content using the Search interface.

    Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in your searches.

  4. Browse entries in the window. To see more details on any item, click the Details button.
  5. Click Add in this window to add selected online content to ArcMap.

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