Visualizing temporal data in graphs

By creating a graph from your data (layer or table), you can visualize the changes in the graph or underlying data over time by simply enabling time on your data.

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There are numerous graph types, such as bar, line, area, and scatterplot graphs, that can be used for visualizing your temporal data. The type of graph you use depends on your data and how you want to visualize it over time.

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Common examples of graphs to animate data through time include these:

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The layer or table used to create the graph must be time-enabled to visualize the changes in the graph you created.

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Tips for animating graphs

There are a number of settings within the graphing framework that you can set before animating the data in the graph. By right-clicking a graph and clicking Advanced Properties, you'll access the Editing dialog box where you can fine-tune your graph.

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Published 6/7/2010