Setting the time step interval of data

Usually temporal data is collected at regular intervals such as every hour or every day. The time step interval defines the granularity of the temporal data and allows you to visualize the data at specified intervals using the time slider.

The time step interval set on the layer is used only for suggesting a time step interval that is used by the Time Slider Control to step through your data. By default, the time step interval of the time slider is set to the minimum time step interval of all time-enabled layers in the current display (map, globe or scene).

Learn about choosing the time step interval on the time slider

  1. Double-click the time-enabled layer in the table of contents to open the Layer Properties dialog box.
  2. Click the Time tab.
  3. Click the Calculate button. This provides you with a suggested time step interval based on the time extent of your data.
  4. Specify the Time step interval and units.

    The time-enabled layer will use the time step interval, when visualized with the time slider.


    Clicking the Calculate button on the Time tab of the Layer Properties dialog box resets the time step interval to a suggested time step interval. So, always check for the time step interval and ensure that it is set to what you desired it to be.

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Published 6/7/2010