Hiding a report section

It is easy to control all the elements of a report in ArcGIS. You can determine the size, position, visibility, and location of all elements on a report in the Report Designer, including the report sections. A report is made up of several sections, each of which defines a particular area of the report. For example, the section at the top of the report—the Report Header—contains the title of the report, the Detail section displays the records in the report, and so on.

  1. Open a report in the Report Designer.
  2. Click any section that you want to hide in the report.
  3. Under Element Properties, change the Visible property to False.

    The report section won't appear in the report.

If you're not using a report section (such as the top or bottom of the page), you can hide it, thereby increasing the space available to display data on the report page.

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