Sorting records in a report

One way of organizing your report is to sort the records in alphabetical or numerical order. You can sort records based on the values in one or more fields—for example, given a list of cities, you could sort them by total population. This is a common way to present information and is easy to do with the Report Wizard.

  1. On the third page of the Report Wizard, you have the option to sort fields included in your report.
  2. Choose a field to sort from the drop-down list in the Fields column.
  3. Choose Ascending or Descending as the sort order.

    If you want to sort additional fields, choose them from the next drop-down list in the Fields column and choose your sorting method.


The number of fields you can sort is limited to the number of fields in the layer, excluding fields used for grouping.


From the Report Designer, you can update the sort order of the fields in your report.

Updating the sort order in your report

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