Setting the report's page size, orientation, and margin

When creating a report, you can specify the size you want. The report's default page size, orientation, and size are all based on your printer's default settings. The size you choose will depend on how you plan to use the report. If you plan to print it out on paper, you'll typically use a common paper size. If you plan to incorporate it on your map layout, you'll want to set a page size that's close to the actual size of the space available on the layout. That way, the text sizes you specify in the report will be the same on the map layout. You can adjust all these settings using the Report Designer.

  1. Click the View menu, point to Reports, then click Create Report Create Report.

    This displays the Report Wizard that will guide you through creating your report.

  2. On the fourth page of the Report Wizard, you can set the layout of the report. Click Portrait or Landscape to change the orientation of the report.
  3. Click Next twice to get to the last page of the Report Wizard.
  4. Choose the option to modify the report's design.

    This opens the report in the Report Designer.

  5. To adjust page size and margins, double-click Settings in the Section tree on the right side of the Report Designer.
  6. Click Page Setup to adjust page margins.
  7. Click Printer Settings to adjust paper size.
  8. Click OK to accept the changes and close the dialog box.

    To change page size, orientation, or margins for an existing report layout, click the View menu, point to Reports, then click Load Report Load Report. This opens a report in the Report Designer. Follow from step 6 above.

While you can set the report width independently, the report height is determined by the paper size. However, by adjusting the page margins, you can precisely control the report size.
Compose your report at the size you want it to be on your layout. Choose the paper size so that the report will fit in the available space. Then you can adjust the margins of the page to get the exact size you need. This ensures that the text on the report is sized correctly. You can still reduce or enlarge the report as it appears on the layout.

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