Spatial ETL tools

A spatial ETL tool is a user-defined geoprocessing tool that can transform data between different data models and different file formats. You create them with FME Workbench in a translation workspace and save them to a toolbox.

Creating a new spatial ETL tool opens Create Translation Workspace Wizard. The wizard prompts you for information about the data source and data destination, then starts FME Workbench with a diagram of your dataflow. You can customize the default dataflow by adding or deleting connectors, inserting transformers, and editing parameters.


Spatial ETL tools are capable of a wide range of processes and dataflows from simple format translations to complex transformations that restructure geometry and attributes. They can be used as stand-alone geoprocessing tools, published in toolboxes as geoprocessing services Geoprocessing Service using ArcGIS Server, or exported as custom formats and utilized in the FME reader gallery.

Possible uses include the following examples:

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Published 6/7/2010