About the netCDF Tutorial

Network Common Data Form (netCDF) is a file format for storing multidimensional scientific data (variables) such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and direction. You can use tools from the Multidimension Tools toolbox to create a raster layer, a feature layer, and a table view from a netCDF file. You can change the display by selecting a specific dimension value from the properties dialog box or by running the Select by Dimension geoprocessing tool. You can also perform analysis using a layer or table view created from a netCDF file.

Tutorial scenario

The tutorial data, a netCDF file, contains derived data from an atmospheric model simulation. The three-dimensional variable tmin represents the annual minimum temperature for winter seasons. In addition to lon and lat dimensions, the variable tmin also has year, a third dimension to represent time steps.

This tutorial is divided into three exercises and is designed to allow you to explore the multidimension tools and the netCDF-related functionality in ArcGIS at your own pace.

You will need approximately 45 minutes of focused time to complete the tutorial. Alternatively, you can perform the exercises in sequence one at a time, saving your results along the way when recommended.

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