An overview of the Mobile toolbox

The Mobile toolbox provides a set of tools used to create ready-to-go mobile projects and to synchronize data changes between a mobile cache and the geodatabase.

When working with GIS data in the field, it is important that you provision your mobile devices with as much information as you can while in the office. Using the mobile geoprocessing tools, you can create ready-to-go mobile projects that include mobile caches that you can copy directly to your mobile device. By provisioning devices in the office, you can reduce the amount of time and effort taken to synchronize information while in the field. When returning from the field, you can use the geoprocessing tools to synchronize changes directly back into the geodatabase.


The following tools are only available for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system.



Create Mobile Map Tool

This tool creates a ready-to-go mobile project package for use with ArcGIS Mobile applications. Given a defined extent, this tool generates a mobile project package for selected vector and raster layers from an input map document. The output mobile project package includes a mobile project file, mobile cache schema, and data if specified. The mobile project package can then be deployed directly to devices for use in the field.

Synchronize Mobile Cache Tool

Synchronizes a mobile cache with its data source.

Mobile toolbox tools

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