Saving a geodatabase connection to a specific version

Saving a geodatabase connection creates a persistent connection in the Database Connections folder of the Catalog tree.

One reason you might do this is to be able to quickly connect to a version of a geodatabase other than the default. The following steps explain how to save a connection to a specific version of a geodatabase on a database server.

  1. Start ArcMap, open the Catalog window, and connect to the database server on which the geodatabase you need resides.
  2. Connect to the geodatabase for which you want to save a connection.
  3. To change to a different version of the geodatabase, right-click the geodatabase and click Change Version.
  4. Choose the transactional version to which you want to save a connection and click OK.
  5. Right-click the same geodatabase and click Save Connection.

    A connection to that version of your geodatabase now appears in the Database Connections folder. The default name of the connection under the Database Connections node is "Connection to <instance_name>". You can right click the connection and click Rename to change the name of the connection.

  6. TipTip:
    If your new connection does not appear in the Database Connections folder, go to View on the menu bar and click Refresh.