Adding users or groups to a database server

Existing Windows logins are added to the database server in the Catalog window by a server administrator. These logins can be either domain or local. They can be individual logins or Windows groups. That means the logins must exist on the network or the local computer before you can add them to the database server.

Once added to the database server, these users are automatically added to each existing geodatabase and to each newly created, attached, or restored geodatabase on the database server.

By default, when a user is added, it is not placed in a role and, therefore, has no specific rights on the database server. Database server administrators or geodatabase administrators can alter a user's geodatabase permissions after the user is added to the database server. See Altering geodatabase permissions for details on granting permissions to users.

  1. Log in as a server administrator, start ArcMap, then open the Catalog window.
  2. Right-click the database server to which you want to add a user or group.
  3. Click Permissions.
  4. Click Add user on the Permissions dialog box.
  5. Specify the location where you want to search for the user or group.

    This can be the local machine or a domain.

  6. Type the name of the user or group you want to add. You can click the Advanced button to do a more specific query to find the desired user.
  7. Click Check Names to verify the login name is valid.
  8. Click OK.

The login now appears in the list of Database Server Users, and has been added to each existing geodatabase on the database server.