Importing a feature class (multiple)

  1. In the Catalog tree, right-click the geodatabase or feature dataset into which you want to import multiple datasets. Click Import > Feature Class (multiple).

    This opens the Feature Class To Geodatabase (multiple) tool from the Conversion toolbox.

  2. Set the following parameters for this tool:
    • Input Features—Browse for one or more feature classes or feature layers to be imported into a feature dataset or an ArcSDE, file, or personal geodatabase.
    • Output Geodatabase—Choose the output or destination feature dataset or geodatabase.

      You can specify an ArcSDE, file, or personal geodatabase.

The fields you create in the new feature classes are named the same as the fields you're importing. However, any invalid characters in the field names are automatically replaced—for example, a hyphen is replaced with an underscore.
Coverages contain several fields that are relevant to the coverage data model only and are not maintained by the geodatabase; therefore, you shouldn't import them. However, because the Feature Class To Geodatabase tool doesn't allow you to prevent fields from being imported, consider importing the coverages one at a time with the Feature Class To Feature Class tool or by building and running a model.

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